Results of member survey held in August 2022

In July 2022, as we began to work with a new Council in Barnet, we wanted to know the issues that are most important to BRA members living and/or working in and around High Barnet. So we set up a survey in which members could rate eleven issues, selecting the five most important, and putting them in order from 1 to 5. Here are the results.

How to interpret the chart?

Each respondent could rate 5 of the 11 community issues on a scale 1-5, no. 1 being the most important to them, no. 2 being the second most important and so on.  The chart displays for example that 15 of the 128 respondents classified Cleaner Streets as the most important to them, 12 thought Cleaner Streets was the second most important, 22 thought it was the third most important.  It is much like Eurovision with each of the respondents being a country and voting songs in order of preference, except that we don’t attribute 10 points to First, 8 points to Second etc., so we could come up with one overall winner.  This survey was to try to understand what our members feel about the different facets of life in and around High Barnet and saying what was most important to them.

Supplementary questions

We also invited respondents to raise other issues which they believed needed attention.  Way out in the lead by far was the loss of the 84 bus.  Other issues mentioned by three or more respondents were the introduction of the Ultra-Low Emissions Zone, fly tipping, speeding and the need for local public services such as schools and GP surgeries to grow in line with local population.


The top issue is crime and policing.  Contact the webmaster if you need accessible results

Also scoring highly is long term development including housing.  Contact the webmaster if you need accessible results

Roads and pavements were mostly third and fourth.  Contact the webmaster if you need accessible results