Crime & Policing

BRA plays an active role in policing matters and sits on the local Community Action Panels (CAP’s). In addition to the above participation, we take soundings from our members. In July 2022 we undertook a survey to understand the main issues that concern our members. Crime and policing was the issue that came out in front of the 128 households who answered the survey. Full details can be found in October 2022 newsletter. NB pls make last sentence hot link to newsletter.

Community Safety Hubs

The Met Police have recently launched regular “Community Safety Hubs” in the borough including High Barnet. Details can be found below.


Virtual Ward Panel

The local SNTs undertake their own ward surveys. Unfortunately, it is not something you can sign up to, however if you follow the local SNTs on Twitter or you are an OWL member they send out the Virtual Ward surveys 4 times a year.

To contact Online Watch Link (OWL) contact David Morrow, Watch Liaison Officer for Barnet. Email:

How do I report crime?

In an emergency (crime occurring now or there is a threat to life) call 999

Non-emergency situation can be reported on 101

Additionally, you can report crime on-line at:

Report a Road Traffic Incident:

Report Something Else:

You can also report crime via Twitter at:

Safer Neighbourhood Teams

Safer Neighbourhood Teams (SNT’s) in London were introduced by the Metropolitan Police back in 2004 as building blocks of the plan to increase the involvement of communities in policing (among other things).  Each of the three electoral wards in the High Barnet area (High Barnet, Underhill, and Barnet Vale) has a Safer Neighbour Team comprising 2 Police Constables and a PCSO (Police Community Support Officer); they are primarily responsible for the less serious crime issues such as anti-social behaviour, criminal damage and graffiti which are known to have a disproportionate effect on people’s feelings of safety and security in their homes and neighbourhoods. 

These safer neighbourhood teams hold regular ‘contact points’ at which those who live and/or work in the relevant ward can raise concerns or follow up queries with their local ‘bobbies’. 

Their contact details are: 

High Barnet



Barnet Vale

Community Action Panels (CAP’s)

 The CAPs are quarterly meetings where the Police and local representatives from a neighbourhood come together to discuss issues of community safety in that area.

These provide a key local accountability mechanism for the Met, conducting scrutiny of policing at local level.  They comprise local community members and partner agencies and meet with SNT representatives at least every three months. 

They set local Ward priorities and hold the SNT to account.  Members of the Panels are appointed in accordance with provisions laid down in the Ward Panel Community Members Handbook issued by the mayor’s office.

If you’re interested in joining your local Ward CAP please contact the respective chair. The current Chairs for the three Wards are:

Finding out about crime in your area

The importance of reporting crime cannot be understated. Regardless of how minor the incident might appear reporting is the only way the community can ‘prove’ there is an issue. Don’t wait and report immediately at the ‘How to report a crime’ section above. 

You can find out more about your local wards here:

Barnet Vale:

High Barnet:


To find out about crime in other areas go to:

Crime Statistics

The importance of reporting crime cannot be understated. Regardless of how minor the incident might appear reporting is the only way the community can ‘prove’ there is an issue. Go to ‘How to report a crime’ section above.

Crime stats both locally and nationally can be found in the following link:

High Barnet:


Barnet Vale: Not currently available.