Planning & Conservation

Planning is a fundamental part of what we do as a community association. We have typically objected to 20 or so planning applications a year with a success rate of over 90%. 

We address applications in the context of national policies, the London Plan and Barnet’s Local Plan.

  • Barnet's Local Plan sets out how the Council will manage development and growth in Barnet.  The current Local Plan dates from 2012 but a revised Local Plan should emerge in 2023.
  • The 2021 London Plan sets out a framework for how London will develop over the next 20-25 years
  • We closely watch the government’s proposed changes to planning legislation and comment as appropriate.  The Levelling Up Bill currently going through Parliament is proposing significant changes to the planning system and our thoughts can be found by clicking here.

Maps of the Conservation Areas of Wood Street and Hadley can be found here: Conservation maps

How do I comment on a planning application?

Anyone can support, object to, or make a general comment about a planning application. To comment you will need either the application number or full postal address. Alternatively, you can post comments to Barnet’s planning department at 2 Bristol Ave, London NW9 4EW quoting the application reference number. The council do not accept comments by phone.

To make a comment please go to:

Dangerous buildings

Unfortunately, from time-to-time a small number of buildings are neglected by freeholders and can cause serious safety issues e.g., falling masonry or glass. 

To reporting a dangerous building or structure please go to: