In reponse to mounting concerns raised by residents over non-residents occupying precious parking spaces, local councillors have confirmed their plans to establish two new Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs) in specific areas of High Barnet.

A CPZ is an area where parking is restricted to designated bays, with yellow line restrictions in place for the remaining kerbside space. The move comes after residents voiced their frustration about the increasing influx of non-resident vehicles affecting the availability of parking on local roads.

The first proposed zone is set to include Byng, Wentworth, and Cecil Court, while the second will encompass Sebright, Puller, and Calvert. Residents in these areas have already been grappling with parking challenges, exacerbated by the narrowness of the roads. Complicating matters further, the council's previous permission for pavement parking has added to the difficulty in ensuring adequate parking space.


One notable concern raised by locals is the potential reduction in available spaces due to the formal permission for pavement parking, especially on narrow roads like Sebright, Puller, and Calvert. Additionally, the presence of dropped kerbs has been identified as a contributing factor, often occupying more than one parking space.

It is worth noting that these proposed CPZs are not intended to be integrated into existing zones but will be assigned their own unique zone codes. This distinction ensures that the impact on local parking dynamics can be effectively monitored and evaluated independently.

The introduction of CPZs is a contentious issue, with some residents welcoming the move as a necessary step to address parking concerns, while others express reservations about potential space constraints and the impact on their daily lives. 

The implementation of CPZs aims to strike a balance between the needs of residents and the challenges posed by an increasing number of vehicles in the area. A formal consultation will take place with local residents before any implementation is considered. We will keep you updated as further information is made available.