Addressing Road and Traffic Concerns in High Barnet: Priorities and Actions

As an active and engaged community, we understand the importance of addressing road and traffic challenges to ensure the safety and convenience of everyone in our area. In early June, the Barnet Residents Association (BRA) had the opportunity to discuss these concerns with High Barnet Councillors Emma Whysall and Paul Edwards. We are pleased to share with you the key highlights and actions from the meeting.

Bus stop outside Graseby House
Concerns have been raised regarding the high number of buses stopping at this location, often obstructing the inside lane. Further investigation will be conducted to determine the causes, such as changes in drivers or issues with Transport for London (TFL) timetables and find a suitable resolution.

Junction of St Albans Road and High Street
Both Councillors acknowledged the issues associated with this major junction and agreed on the need for further investigation to identify potential solutions.

Black Horse roundabout
The narrowness of the road often causes congestion and bottlenecks. While extensive modifications, such as knocking down walls, may be considered, it is recognized as a challenging endeavour.

Pedestrian crossing outside Barnet College
Numerous near misses and accidents involving pedestrians, particularly students at Barnet College, have been reported. The issue will be addressed through further discussions and appropriate measures to improve safety, considering unsafe manoeuvres (U turns) by buses and speeding vehicles outside peak times.

Speeding on Alston Road
An application for a 20MPH zone has been submitted, covering residential roads withing an area bordered by, but not including, the High Street, St Albans Road, and Wood Street although additional speed calming measures will probably be also needed.

Queens Road crossing
The proximity of a roundabout at the top of Wellhouse Lane, a bus stop on Wood Street, and the junction of Queens Road has raised concerns about the safety of the crossing. Further examination will be conducted to find solutions that enhance pedestrian safety.

Recognizing the limitations in time and resources, all parties recognised the need to prioritize the main issues for effective action.

In addition to the focal points mentioned above, the meeting also addressed other important matters affecting our community:

  • Anti-social behaviour of delivery mopeds using an alley as a shortcut on East View: A proposed solution has been provided to Barnet Council officers, and efforts are underway to expedite a resolution.
  • Impact of Covid: The proliferation of mopeds parked outside McDonald's and KFC was discussed. Solutions are limited and complex but all agreed something needed to be done.
  • Salisbury Road EN5: Following the rerouting of the 384 bus, the road surface has deteriorated significantly. A total rebuild has been agreed upon and is scheduled to take place later this summer.
  • Speeding on St Albans Road near Sunset View: As part of the Strategic Road Network (SRN), changes to St Albans Road require parliamentary action. Dialogue with Theresa Villiers MP is vital as the exploration of safety measures, such as warning signage, can only be changed by Parliament.
  • 84 bus route: Discussions are underway to explore the feasibility of extending other routes, as the 84 route is not considered viable by Sullivan Buses.
  • Superloop integration: Both Councillors agreed with BRA for the need for Transport for London (TFL) to develop a cross-border strategy for better integration with the Superloop or other key interchanges, improving transportation options between Greater London and Hertfordshire. 
  • Parking on the pavement in front of TLC Loft Converters: Proposed solutions have been provided to Barnet Council officers, and efforts are underway to address this issue.

By addressing these road and traffic concerns, we aim to enhance the overall safety and convenience for residents and visitors alike. The collaboration between BRA, local Councillors, and council officers will play a crucial role in finding effective solutions and implementing necessary changes.

Finally, please look out for our on-line questionnaire regarding speeding on local roads.

We will continue to provide updates on the progress of these initiatives and encourage community members to voice their concerns and suggestions. Together, we can create a better road and traffic environment in High Barnet.