Since our last update in June’s newsletter Barnet Council’s Strategic Planning Committee has met to consider the application and while ‘minded to agree’ has so far not approved the application. This is despite two meetings on the subject but after advice from its own legal constitutional adviser deferred it’s final decision. The application will in due course return to ‘Planning Committee A’ who originally heard the application.  

BERFC wants to significantly expand its facilities. While Barnet Residents Association supports sport in the community it has concerns about the application and believes that conditions should be attached.

The debate primarily concerns green belt issues, but we believe formal assurances are needed in two areas to avoid burdening other users and residents. We think as a minimum conditions should include:

1. Access to Other Users

  • Existing car park access, vital for Noah's Ark Hospice staff and leisure users, must be guaranteed without reduction in public parking.
  • Rugby club lease requires public access to pitches when not in use; this should continue.
  • Ensure the medieval festival on Byng Road fields isn't hindered by the project.

2. Residents and Nearby Operators

  • Previous clubhouse planning had restricted opening hours, crucial for Noah's Ark Hospice and local peace.
  • Limit hiring out clubhouse for evening events to historic levels (once a week).
  • Reverse pitch development if flooding affects allotments due to altered drainage patterns.
  • Manage traffic from an enlarged clubhouse to prevent undue strain on site and neighbouring roads.
  • Ensure community use takes precedence over private commercial interests for clubhouse hire.
  • Implement pitch lighting curfew by 10PM to prevent light pollution impacting community and wildlife.

We will keep you fully informed as matters unfold.