As summer draws to a close, a significant change is on the horizon for motorists in Barnet. The Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ), previously implemented in central London in 2008 and expanded in 2019, is now making its way beyond the city's borders. This time, it's the turn of outer London, as the ULEZ zone expands to cover the area within the M25.

The ULEZ, which set stricter emission standards for vehicles within its designated zone, will now apply to all vehicles that do not meet specific emission criteria. Unlike its predecessor, the Low Emission Zone (LEZ), which targeted heavy-polluting diesel vehicles in Central London, the ULEZ has a wider scope. This expansion is scheduled to take effect on Tuesday, August 29th, following the August Bank Holiday.

Vehicles that do not meet the emission standards will be subject to a daily charge of £12.50 upon entering the ULEZ zone.

It's crucial for Barnet residents to ascertain their vehicle's compliance with these standards. To check a vehicle's eligibility, the official TfL website provides a simple tool:


This expansion is already impacting our local landscape, as cameras and new signage are emerging around town. Cameras are strategically positioned at key locations, including the junction of Staplyton Road and St Albans Road, as well as outside The Spires Shopping Centre.

While TfL hasn't disclosed the precise camera locations despite numerous Freedom of Information requests, there's a Google Maps feature that alerts you if your journey will cross the ULEZ border. This is crucial, as signage is small and provides limited warning.

Interestingly, TfL has established exclusion zones along the border with Hertsmere, offering free travel for road users from Potters Bar and Borehamwood. This approach aims to provide relief for residents in these areas.

As we prepare for this change, it's important to note that the expanded ULEZ might signal the start of broader road usage alterations in our region. Ongoing discussions at County Hall suggest the potential for road user pricing, marking a significant shift in our motoring approach.

Barnet Residents Association remains committed to keeping you informed about ULEZ expansion developments and other pertinent matters impacting our community.