A much anticipated and vital bus link is set to be restored between Potters Bar and Barnet, marking a significant win for the local community. The new 84B bus route that will bridge the gap left by the discontinued 84 route in 2022. This restoration comes after a determined campaign by Barnet and Hertsmere residents.

The new 84B service, scheduled to begin on Monday, September 4th, will provide a direct connection between Potters Bar train station and Barnet Hospital, operating six days a week. This link will prove invaluable to hospital users, schoolchildren, local businesses, and residents. The decision to fund the route through Hertsmere Council's Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) scheme reflects a proactive approach to local transport infrastructure.

Councillor Jeremy Newmark, Leader of Hertsmere Council, emphasized the importance of reliable and sustainable public transport, highlighting the positive impact on local wellbeing. The route's operation by Galleon Travel (Central Connect) will be facilitated by CIL funding, totalling £183,600 for an initial 12-month period. Further funding avenues are being explored to ensure the route's long-term sustainability.

Despite this significant achievement, it is noted that neither TfL nor Barnet Council could find the funding and we hope that this will change in the future to assure this route's future. This cross-border route is important to many living in and around High Barnet and its re-introduction will be welcomed by many of our members, catering to key workers, those seeking medical appointments, and those wishing to travel onwards to London Colney and St Albans.

The new service will prove especially beneficial to key workers and those seeking medical appointments. The detailed route and timetable for the 84B bus service can be found here.

BRA has long advocated for a hopper bus connecting Barnet Hospital, High Street, and the tube station. This announcement is a highly positive step towards establishing essential links between crucial destinations.